The Challenge

By 18th September 2014, the proposed date of Scotland’s referendum on independence, I will read one novel set in each of the forty-eight ceremonial counties, written by English and England-based writers since the year 2000.

In doing so, I hope to examine conflicting and complementary constructions of contemporary Englishness – as distinct from Britishness – and to better understand the critical condition of the nationality as presented up and down the country. What does it mean to be English? Who decides? Is there anything genuine lurking beneath the cultural stereotypes to link this population together?

I need your help coming up with books. My challenge has already started, but you can still keep nominating! See the list of existing suggestions, and comment to add your own. There is no such thing as too much choice!

Check what I’m currently reading, and from where, by clicking ‘Home’ in the toolbar and looking in the right-hand column.

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