The Plan

I am currently in limbo. Having done all I can towards my English Literature degree but not yet officially graduated, I am neither a student nor a working woman. On top of that, 3 years of inflicting strict reading schedules on myself for my course have left their mark, and I feel at a loss without the routine.

What do I do now that no one is going to tell me what I have to read any more?!

Answer: absolutely devour those books that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on for so long but haven’t had the time to. The only thing is, there are just so many. Hundreds. Thousands.

Faced with so much choice, I’ve concocted a plan that I hope will help me get a handle on what sort of reading I’ve been missing, and give my life some much-needed structure to stare down these scary future unknowns. And where better to start than in the very land in which I live?

The challenge: to read one novel set in each English county, written by an English or England-based writer since the year 2000. And I need your help to make it happen!

First of all, take a look around this blog: find out a bit more about the challenge and why I’m so interested in exploring England, learn a bit more about me or dive right in and have a gander at the list of books I’m thinking about including in my year-long challenge. But most importantly, contact me to add your thoughts!

I need your book recommendations, opinions, inspiration and feedback, so get commenting and tell me what I should read, because I sure as heck can’t decide!

This is me looking serious about a book. Because I’m serious about books.